Pick Up Choir Sunday (July 12)

No rehearsals except a half-hour before the service starts.  A good way to try choir out!


Communion is served the first Sunday of every month.

"Let us talents and tongues employ, reaching out with a shout of joy: bread is broken, the wine is poured, Christ is spoken and seen and heard. Jesus lives again, earth can breathe again, pass the Word around: loaves abound!" Let Us Talents and Tongues Employ hymn by Fred Kaan.

Join us for communion this Sunday, July 5; at the table of Holy Communion, in bread blessed and broken, we recognize Christ and rejoice. All those who share this belief are invited to receive the sacrament.


Mission: Nicaragua

This Sunday there will be a special guest speaker from Edgewood UCC (Lansing) to describe their church's mission in Nicaragua. Edgewood initiated the program in 2007;  they have worked with the Nicaraguan Council of Protestant Churches (CEPAD) supporting their community development projects in 44 rural Nicaraguan communities. Over the past two years, Edgewood has invited and partnered with other UCC and local protestant churches on their mission trips supporting CEPAD’s efforts to provide potable water units to families in the communities they serve.


Outdoor Worship Service Sunday, June 21

A go/no go decision will be made at 9:00 a.m. if the weather is iffy. The service starts at 10:00 a.m.  Some folding chairs will be set up for people who might be uncomfortable sitting on the permanent benches. Feel free to bring your own lawn chairs if you desire. Parking for outdoor worship services is behind the Scadin barn for those who may find it difficult to walk longer distances and cannot use the designated parking near the church. Fellowship hour will be held back at the church, following the service, in the Fellowship Hall.



This Sunday, June 14,Webster prepares and serves a meal for the homeless at the Hospitality House in Ann Arbor.  M.I.S.S.I.O.N. A2 is a not-for-profit partnership between homeless and “homeful” Washtenaw County residents.



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