Service is February 10 at 7:00 p.m.

There will be a pancake supper preceding the service in the Fellowship Hall beginning at 6:00 p.m.


2016 is the sixth year that UCC-MA Conference will provide a day-by-day opportunity to fast from carbon as a Lenten discipline. Initiated by the UCC and endorsed by other denominations and faith groups, thousands of people of every Christian perspective – and people who are not Christians – have benefited from this opportunity to become more conscious and conscientious in their daily lives.

The activities range from the very simple (e.g. eliminate “vampire” electrical use) to the moderately challenging (e.g. take “military" showers) to more long term (e.g. buy local produce).  We consider all of the activities a form of spiritual practice, a concrete way of participating in the stewardship of God’s creation.  The intention is to provide do-able actions which can make a difference; not to overwhelm people, or make them feel bad about themselves, or cause them to feel that the situation is hopeless.  We want people to empower people so they can challenge themselves to do more. Sign-up for the daily email and be empowered!

Annual Meeting - Jan. 31

Webster's annual meeting will be held on Sunday, Jan. 31 following the worship service. The 183rd Annual Report will be reviewed. A proposed spending plan will be discussed and voted on.  The proposed new governance structure will also be discussed and voted on. Proxies must be obtained from the Church Clerk prior to the meeting.

Webster Youth will serve a Stone Soup for the meal. The congregation is asked to bring a donation of canned or frozen vegetables (one can/bag per family is fine), beans, or any other 'soup fixings.’ The soup will be made with the donations and will be served during fellowship. There has been a donation for the meat for the soup and there will be bread and salad to go with it. Monetary donations will also be accepted and will go to the Camp Talahi fund to help kids go to camp this summer. Donations may be given to any Sunday School teacher this Sunday, or early next Sunday, Jan. 31.


Raffling for Outreach!

A special fundraising effort is underway for outreach projects. Raffle tickets are being sold for $10 each for a chance to win a ¼ Angus beef (approximately 140 lbs.). The beef comes from Firesign Family Farm and is pastured, naturally raised and is fed only non-GMO (no soy supplemental). The odds are good for a win. There will be three 1st prize drawings; 900 tickets will be sold so there’s a 1 in 300 chance of winning per ticket!  Tickets are available at the church office up until the drawing which is this Sunday, Jan. 17, 2016. The costs of processing are covered, winners will make arrangements to either pick up their beef at the farm or have it delivered. The beef will be delivered around the end of January. All proceeds go directly to Webster's outreach ministries.


Mission Moment, Sun., Jan. 10 - Nicaragua

Webster is planning to participate in an international mission in Nicaragua in 2016. On Sunday there will be a speaker from Edgewood UCC (Lansing) to describe their mission activity.  There will be a Q&A session after the service for those who would like to participate. Edgewood works with the Nicaraguan Council of Protestant Churches (CEPAD) supporting their community development projects in 44 rural Nicaraguan communities. Over the past two years, Edgewood has invited and partnered with other UCC and local protestant churches on mission trips supporting CEPAD’s efforts to provide potable water units to families in the communities they serve.



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