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What We Do



All are welcome to enjoy refreshments and fellowship downstairs after the worship service.

Sunday School

The goal of our Christian Education program is to teach the Bible to children and adults, showing how God has related to God's people through the ages and how God commands us to serve God and others. The purpose is to encourage every person to grow in his/her faith and to learn to live as God would have him or her live.“Faith experienced at an early age is the foundation for all other growth.


The good news is that what we share with our children has the power to transform lives and revitalize communities… Faith formation is a lifelong process that happens through relationship with God. Faith is active, always in process, constantly transforming us to be more like Christ. Faith is also relational. We grow in faith within the context of a loving, accepting community. If conditions are nurtured, children will grow in their understanding of God and Jesus, as revealed by the Spirit through scripture and Christian community.” 

For specific information on our curriculum and events, click below

Bible Studies

Spotlight on Faith meets on Thursday mornings at 9:30 a.m. at the pastor's home.  Each week we meet together for prayer and conversation with our focus on the scripture for the following Sunday (posted weekly on the website and in the Sunday Bulletin).  To join us, contact us for more details.


Special Services and Events

In keeping with Webster’s involvement in outreach activities that create partnerships with local and far-flung communities alike, the music program draws on the talents of local musicians, regularly inviting them to play for worship services.  Additionally, in 2018, Webster launched a concert series consisting of 3-4 performances per year by a variety of local and national artists. These concerts have ranged from folk music to jazz to storytelling. Though the Concert Series is on hiatus during the pandemic, we hope to revive it in the future.

Webster Fall Festival

A very fun Fall Festival was held on September 24, 2022.  Check back later for more details on the Festival in 2023.


Justice, Witness and Mission Ministry

Outreach  is Webster’s opportunity to act as the “hands and feet of God.” Our outreach has 3 parts: local, national and international.  All our missions are focused on “doing for the least of these in our midst” (Matthew 25)


This ministry also includes REACH (Racial Equity and Christian Harmony).   


REACH is built on the belief that Jesus calls us to be one in Love.  The people in REACH strive to examine uncomfortable truths to help us understand the racial/ethnic divide in our country and the ways in which we all contribute to systemic racism.  We are dedicated to educating ourselves, meaningful interaction with our church family, educational outreach to the community and most of all action designed to bring about genuine systemic change.

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