Silent Auction



As you probably know, the Sanzule Emergency Food fund sends a monthly amount of $500 to assist the refugees at Sanzule Refugee Camp, Ghana, to purchase food for those refugees who are incapable of working, eg,HIV+ mothers and children, the elderly and disabled. The UNHCR who manages the camp stopped all food assistance in 2009.  The $500/month feeds about 85 refugees a sustenance diet of rice, cooking oil and sometimes additionally, canned fish, pasta, canned tomatoes.

The major source of those funds are raised by the Outreach committee by special fundraising projects, eg, the silent auction. As the fund is approaching depletion, it’s time once again to ask your help in a fun and productive pursuit :THE SILENT AUCTION. This year’s event is targeted for SUNDAY, AUGUST 29.

If you have items to donate, please take a photo of the objects or skills you wish to donate, add a brief description of the item, and a minimum bid if you’d like, and send to Jenna Whitney at   The kinds of items that are popular include items that fall into the following categories:

  • get aways (e.g. farm vacation stay)

  • very cool items (e.g. classic 1982 Honda motorcycle)

  • lessons (e.g. 2 hour sailing lesson)

  • food related (e.g. progressive dinner)

All donated items can be viewed on the church website beginning now and until August1...The week before, items can be seen displayed in person in the Fellowship Hall.  BIDDING can begin on AUGUST 1 st and will end at noon on AUGUST 29.

Pastor Emmanuel is our liaison at Sanzule who receives the money, goes to market to purchase the food and distribute it. He sends us a monthly report, including photos of the recipients and he sends his thanks:

“The refugees send their thanksgiving to the entire Webster family. God richly bless you all for your act of love.”